Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

The use of lasers in the treatment of undesired hair growth has become increasingly popular over the recent decades. With this method long-lasting and significant reduction of hair growth is achieved. The energy emitted by diode laser (808-diode) is absorbed by the melanin found in the hair shaft, is directed to the hair follicle which is thus destroyed. The hair grows in three distinct phases, anagen, catagen and telogen. The destruction of the hair follicle is only possible during the anagen phase and thus it is required that the treatment is repeated at regular time intervals.

This is a safe method and is applicable to every area of the human body, both male and female. Laser hair removal is generally very well tolerated. In some particular areas the use of an anesthetic cream facilitates the procedure. Sun exposure should be avoided some days before and after treatment. Furthermore, laser hair removal should not be carried out during treatment with specific drugs and pregnancy.

How safe is laser hair removal?
The use of lasers for medical purposes has been applied for decades, and their safety is documented by numerous studies. In the hands of specialized doctors, the risk of immediate and late effects is minimized.

Is laser hair removal really effective?
Laser hair removal provides a permanent reduction of undesired hair growth, especially when applied to people with dark hair and pale skin.

How many sessions will be needed?
It usually takes about 8-10 sessions, depending on the region treated, to achieve a very good result. However, the exact number of the required sessions cannot be determined with precision. Various factors such as the color of the hair and skin, as well as some possible underlying hormonal diseases could affect the duration and effectiveness of the treatment.

How much does it cost?
That depends on the application areas and the number of required sessions. In any case, the cost does not exceed that of the traditional depilation methods that require lifetime repetition. Consultation for laser hair removal is free of charge.