Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

Hyalouronic acid is a polysaccharide which occurs naturally in human skin. The use of hyalouronic acid implants that are produced in the laboratory is a very popular method of anti-aging. It provides temporary filling of wrinkles and folds of the skin. It is also used to replace the volume of the lips and correct the face contour.

How is the treatment done and what should I expect after that?
The treatment takes place in the practice and takes 15-20 minutes. In some cases anesthetic cream or spray that contains lidocaine can be used to facilitate the procedure. Mild swelling and sometimes bruising may occur in the treated areas that subside in 1-2 days.  

Is the result permanent?
In order to achieve permanent results it is required to repeat the treatment every 6-8 months. If the treatment is not repeated after that period, the injection site will return to its original state.

Could I be allergic to hyalouronic acid?
The implants used are entirely biocompatible and rarely present any allergic reactions.