Skin Moles

Skin Moles

This category comprises a series of benign skin lesions that have different shape, color, size and location. Diagnosis must be set by a specialist, either a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. In the majority of cases, a skin mole (nevus) does not require surgical removal except for mere cosmetic reasons. Excision is in some cases done for diagnostic purposes.

The removal of the nevus can be achieved either surgically or by means of laser technology under local anesthesia. Excision of several cutaneous lesions in one session is possible and preferable. In the case of surgical removal, the sutures are removed after a few days, depending on the region. Histological examination is obligatory when diagnostic problems occur.

Is it safe to excise moles with lasers?
Yes, laser removal of skin moles is safe, when examination and diagnosis is set by a specialist, a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. The physician assesses the nature of the skin lesion and determines whether they should be surgically removed or not. Laser excision is in this way absolutely safe while providing superior cosmetic result. With this method, sutures are not used and the scar from the intervention improves or even disappears after a few months.

Is mole excision painful?
Excision is painless, as local anesthetic is used.

What is the cost of the operation?
The cost depends on some specific factors such as the nature and size of the lesion and the method that we use to remove it. An accurate estimation can be done after the physical examination of the patient.

Surgical excision of an upper eyelid mole, before and 5 months post-op.