Burn Surgery

Burn Surgery

The treatment of burns is an important chapter in plastic surgery. Burns are treated according to cause, extent and depth. They are classified as thermal, radial, electrical and chemical. Burns are either superficial, partial or full thickness and this determines whether surgical or other intervention is needed.

Estimation of the degree of burn trauma is critical for the type of treatment that has to be applied. Sometimes, some primary care instruction is sufficient. In other cases, intubation and intensive supportive therapy is implemented. Surgical treatment can also be appropriate, and is performed either directly or at a later time.

When should we operate on a post burn scar?
Surgical treatment of a burn scar can be a part of a burn trauma. It is performed some time after the primary treatment, especially in those cases where the burn scar causes functional problems (e.g. joint mobility). It is also possible to operate on a scar for cosmetic reasons.

Can we improve the appearance of a burn scar using Laser technology?
Depending on the situation, the use of Fractional Laser can improve the appearance of the burn scar.
Each method has its advantages and disadvantages and is implemented in accordance with the indications in each individual patient.