Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy comprises a number of operative procedures that aim to reconstruct the resected breast. The evolution of surgical techniques and advances in medical technology offer the best change in achieving the desired result. Reconstruction can be done either primarily, in the same operation with mastectomy or at a later time.

Primary reconstruction offers several advantages and is nowadays preferred by plastic surgeons and patients worldwide. This requires close collaboration of a both a breast and a plastic surgeon in order to customize the operation in a fashion which facilitates the best aesthetic result.

Breast reconstruction is also possible months or years after mastectomy. In this case, the skin condition is not optimal and the mastectomy scar can create problems in restoring breast volume and appearance. In some case, reconstruction is combined with an intervention on the opposite side (breast lift, enlargement or reduction) in order to achieve symmetry.

Reconstruction is mainly done in 3 ways;

  • Using silicone breast implants

  • With autologous tissue from the patients back, abdomen or buttocks

  • A combination of the 2 methods

Each method has advantages and disadvantages and is implemented to each patient accordingly.