Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover

What is a “Mommy makeover”? The concept describes a variety of surgical procedures that aim to return a young woman’s body to its pre-pregnancy appearance. The most usual problems a woman is faced with after one or more pregnancies are excess and loose skin around the abdomen and breast deformities.

The effects of pregnancy around the abdomen are obvious: the baby’s growth puts pressure on the body from the inside stretching muscle and skin up to the point that sometimes it is irreversible. With abdominoplasty (or “tummy tuck”), excess skin is removed, more often from the lower abdomen, under the navel. Moreover, we support the abdominal wall internally with special stitching. If excess fat is present on the abdomen’s sides, liposuction can be applied during the same session. The incision is made so that the mark it leaves is on a spot covered by underwear.

Breast deformities differ among women after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Loss of breast volume is commonly observed, with the nipple retaining its position height wise. It appears droopy but it is basically empty on the inside. In such cases,the treatment of choice is breast augmentation with implants. This causes the breast to regain its perkiness and a youthful appearance with no need for further procedures.
It is not uncommon, however, for nipple height to deteriorate. This can be fixed with concurrent removal of excess skin. Mastopexy (or “breast lift”) can be performed in conjunction with breast augmentation or breast reduction procedures if needed. Comparatively, this type of procedure is more complex due to the necessity for careful and accurate pre-operative assessment. Incision marks are more profound during the first few months post-surgery, gradually subsiding later on.

Labiaplasty (or “vaginal rejuvenation”) is another procedure that can potentially be part of the Mommy makeover. With such an operation we aim to reconstruct the appearance of the outer female genitalia that have, in some cases, endured deformities caused during delivery. This procedure is considered important both for medical reasons (prevention from infections) and cosmetic reasons.    

Is it possible to combine more than one procedure in one session?
All of the above mentioned procedures can be performed either separately or in combination with each other or with other plastic surgery procedures. In any case, the medical history of the candidate should be considered in order to ensure the best possible conditions, before and after surgery.