Buttock Lift

Buttock Lift

Buttock lift is the surgical procedure that addresses the problem of drooping buttocks. This situation is a result of ageing or massive weight loss. In some cases, buttock lift is not enough and volume enhancement is necessary in order to achieve optimal results.

The procedure
With buttock lift we remove the excess skin through incisions placed at the upper border of the buttocks. At the same time, a fair segment of subcutaneous tissue is preserved and adds volume to the butttocks. Two drains are placed to prevent blood and and other fluid collection beneath the skin. Buttock lift is performed under general anesthesia and takes approximately two hours. The patient returns home the next day.

Recovery after buttock lift
Post-operative pain is minimal and very well tolerated with common painkillers. The drains are removed at the office after a few days and no stitches need to be removed since they are absorbable. The patient wears an elastic garment for 4-6 weeks and strenuous activity should be avoided for one month.Silicon gels or sheets are used to provide the best possible healing environment.

Final result
The scars, although rather long, are very well hidden beneath the underwear and become softer and pale with time. The final result after a buttock lift is assessed after 12-18 months.